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8th Grade Science Syllabus – Objectives, Labs, Activities, Videos & Projects


Chap 1 Intro to Physical Science/Review of Scientific Inquiry-Method

  1. Measurement – identify units of measure for length, mass, volume, density and temperature

  2. Calculate Mass, Volume, & Density (difference b/w mass & weight)

  3. Scientific Inquiry & Proper Lab Report format (take home lab)

  4. Construct proper graphs in science – Bar, Circle, Line

  5. Group Challenges: unknown objects, nail activity/Fossil Record activity

  6. Labs: Candle Observation Lab/Density Cubes/Matter:What's the matter?/Egg in the Bottle/Flame in a Flask


Chap 2-3 The Nature of Matter / States of Matter

  1. Physical vs. chemical changes

  2. Law of conservation of matter

  3. Properties of solids, liquids, gases, & plasma

  4. Melting, Vaporizing, Condensation, Freezing, Sublimation

  5. Labs: Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Hot Air Balloon Races, Reheater Packs, Melting Pennies, Making Glue

  6. Activities: Cards to identify Solids, Liquids, Gases

  7. Bill Nye Videos: Phases of Matter


Chap 4 Elements and the Periodic Table

  1. Introduction to atomic structure & model of atom

  2. Organization of the Periodic Table and the 10 families & Valence.

  3. Labs: Sodium Demo, Hydrogen balloon explosions, Inhaling Helium

  4. Activities: 3-D atom, Period Table of Elements, Personal element

  5. Bill Nye Videos: The Atom


Chap 5 Atoms & Bonding

  1. Ions and Ionic Bonding

  2. Covalent bonding & polor/nonpolar molecules

  3. 3-D molecule mobile project


Chap 6 Chemical Reactions

  1. Endothermic and Exothermic chemical reactions (Exo/Endo Lab)

  2. Evidence for chemical change

  3. Balancing chemical reactions

  4. Labs: Methane Candle, Methane bubbles, Zinc & Hydrochloric Acid

  5. Bill Nye Videos: Chemical Reactions


Chap 7 Acids & Bases & Solutions

  1. Solutes and solvents –effects on boiling & freezing temp.

  2. Properties of Acids, Properties of Bases, pH scale

  3. Neutralization reactions

  4. Labs: Acids-Bases Investigation/Antacid Investigation/Rock Candy Extra Credit

  5. Bill Nye Videos: Acids-Bases


Chap 8 Carbon Chemistry

  1. Forms of carbon and organic compounds

  2. Polymers (Goo Lab & Polyvinyl Slime)

  3. Labs: Making Goo/Polyvinyl Slime/Saponification Lab (making soap with fatty acids and a base)


Chap 9 Motion

  1. Motion, Speed and Acceleration

  2. Properties of Gravity

  3. Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Law of Conservation of Energy

  4. Labs: Egg Drop, Parachute Design, Rollercoaster design.

  5. Bill Nye Video: Energy/Gravity


Chap 10 Forces

  1. Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

  2. Friction and Types of friction

  3. Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

  4. Bill Nye Videos: Friction/Gravity/Momentum

  5. Movies: October Sky

  6. Labs: Straw Rockets, Stomp Rockets, Mouse Trap Cars , Trebucket, Balloon cars.


Chap 11 Forces in Fluids (Liquids & Gases)

  1. Density review

  2. Buoyancy

  3. Labs: Sink and Spill (p. 430-431 textbook)

  4. Activity: Bridge Design Investigation (p. 450-457 textbook)


Chap 12 Earth, Moon and Sun

  1. Seasons

  2. Moon Phases, Eclipses and Tides

  3. Bill Nye Videos: Earth Seasons/The Moon


Chap 14 The Solar System

  1. Kepler’s Three Laws of planetary motion.

  2. The sun’s interior, atmosphere and features.

  3. The Inner and Outer planets

  4. Comets, Asteroids & Meteors

  5. Bill Nye Videos: Planets/Sun/Comets & Meteors.


Chap 15 Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

  1. Classifying Stars by color and temperature

  2. Light-year and Astronomical Unit

  3. Lifecycle of a star

  4. Type of galaxies

  5. Bill Nye Videos: Space Exploration/Outer Space.

  6. Movie: Contact


Field Trips: 1stSemester: Exploratorium 2ndSemester: Physics Day @Great America/6Flags.

Semester Projects: 1stSemester-Jan: Stop Action Movie 2ndSemester-April: Digital Movie

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